Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Remain Calm, Especially at an Airport

What do these guys and Jersey Girl have in common...read on to learn!

Jersey Girl makes her second blog appearance!  Jersey Girl was travelling  for work and she got to the airport and found out her flight had been delayed. Great. So she headed herself to the bar that was in earshot of the gate so she could hear when her flight was starting to board. Well one thing leads to another (and one drink leads to another) and she goes to the gate and believe it or not her plane managed to leave without her.  Jersey Girl gets into a “conversation” with the gate attendant about what happened and what to do from there. It doesn't  take much for Jersey Girl to get herself a bit worked up- which translates to her talking louder and louder (as everyone knows the louder you are the righter you are). The real problem is Jersey Girl never realizes how loud she is until its too late.

So Jersey Girl is having a loud “discussion” about how she can’t believe the plane left without her and how it absolutely wasn’t her fault she missed the plane.  Then another passenger (who I can only call Jersey Boy the way he was reacting to something that had nothing to do with him) tells Jersey Girl to “shut the f*ck up.” Perfect, now Jersey Girl has somewhere she can direct all of her anger towards. So they start yelling at each other when the gate attendant tells Jersey Girl she would have to call the sheriff if she didn’t calm down- challenge accepted. Jersey Girl says sure go ahead, call the sheriff.

Jersey Girl calms down just in time to see the sheriff walking towards her gate (because big shocker gate attendant followed through with calling the sheriff).  Jersey Girl walks right up to the sheriff and says I’m who you are looking for and the two of them start walking off together.  Long story short the sheriff says that not only is she banned from flying that flight, but she is banned from the airline all together! She also had to pay a fine for cursing in an airport.  Yes, there is a bit more to the story, but you get the idea.

So lesson learned, don’t lose your cool at an airport, they take it pretty seriously.  Just accept that there is nothing you can do and they will take extreme actions.  Try treating the rest of the world like an airport, most of the time it’s not worth getting upset about and causing a scene.

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