Wednesday, July 11, 2012

An Expensive Honor- Being a Bridesmaid (Part 2/2)

Lets continue on our breakdown of the Bridesmaid cost.  These cost have to do with the big day (or big weekend!).
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Bridesmaid Dress: The dress you will only wear once no matter how many ways or places the brides suggests you can wear it! The cost is around $200 (not including shipping, alterations, shoes...). Nothing you can do about this one sorry!
Bride Tip: Let the bridesmaids pick their own shoes and accessories which will allow them to decide what they are comfortable spending.

Rehearsal Dress: Traditionally the night before the wedding the Groom's Family host a rehearsal dinner which can be an extravagant in itself.  Dresses can range from $100-$200, but here you have a little more control (no white!).
Cost Cutting: Try and wear a dress that you have worn before, or trade with a friend!

Day of Wedding Salon: Many times bridesmaids will gather at a salon (or bring a salon to someone's house) to get everyone looking perfect for the wedding. The cost can be around $50-$200 for hair and $50-$150 for makeup.
Bride Tip: If you make a participial up-do mandatory or makeup style then you should also pick up the bill!

Wedding Gift: This typically runs you $100-$250.
Cost Cutting: Try pooling all of the Bridesmaid money together and get something big off the registry.

Travel: Many times you are not living where the wedding will take place. That means travel and lodging expenses! That can range up to $1,000 easily!
Bride Tip: Try getting your out of town bridesmaids a place to stay with some of the local bridesmaids.

Total Cost: $850- $2,250 (and on and on)

Now you know what your signing up for...

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